Long time no see

Hello all friends!!!!

It has been quite awhile since I blog on shrimps and how Aquarist Chamber going about.. Apologize for this..

There has been many things to overlook and handle personally..

This is what I have been busy preparing and it has really not been easy.. Haha.. From setting up, monitoring, maintenance, cleaning tanks, more monitoring.. Tons of paperwork to handle (running a business is not easy!)

I learnt a lot through this hobby to business.. Seen through some people and realized how deceiving some people can be.. But that's life isn't it.. We meet people from all walks of life.. Met honest and open-hearted people who share everything to you and regard you as true friend.. Kudos to that!!

Shall talk less and show more.. Here are the photos....

We are ready for export and also wholesale!!!

I will post on my shrimps tomorrow... And I greatly apologize again for not updating my fellow friends so for long.. Thank you all for your constant support..

Last photo for today...

Same old tanks

All viewers of my blog... I sincerely apologize that it has been a long time since I have updated..

I have been tied up with work, work and more work...

Today, found some time to scrap the front panels of my tanks.. Did some feeding (as always)..

There have been some new inhabitants to a tank.. I will share the new inhabitants as soon as I have taken some better photos of them.. (Just a hint: pintos.. Hehe)

Today.. Just to give 2 photos of my current tanks outlook...

Happy shrimping..

I will update as much as I can.. Hope everyone bear with me for awhile...

Green Green wall

Apologize to all who have been following my blog and I have not been constantly updating.. Busy with work, family and basic routine upkeeping/maintenance of the tanks..

My tanks has been running for quite awhile now.. Everything is going quite smoothly.. Will find chance to give a detail updating of my water change routine and maintenance of filters when chances arise (meaning when I am doing it.. Haha..)

Right now the tanks' wall are growing with green algae.. Which is also what I am aiming for.. It's a sign to me that tanks are stable to a certain extend..

The inhabitants of these tanks has been ok and breeding has been going on.. Here are some photos to share..

Hope everyone has a great weekend..
Happy shrimping to all hobbyist..
More updates will follows as I am doing them..

Updates... Updates...

It has been awhile since I updated in the status of the rack.. It has been plague with brown diatom, green algae and soon after BGA (most horrific and smelly algae).... But brown diatom has settled, green algae too.. BGA has been decimated with the help of 'blackout' as well as direct hydrogen peroxide injection on them (while shrimps inside..)

Now all is well and shrimps are breeding, offsprings are seen and growing well..

Will try to take the King Kong and Blue Bolt offsprings at a later date..

Happy shrimping to all..

3rd week with commando test shrimps

It's into the 3rd week (going 4th) for these 4 tanks.. Lots of algae growth.. To me, it's a good sign.. Just need a little time for the tank to mature and stable a little more to reach equilibrium..

Last week (2nd week) has actually put in a small batch of commando test shrimps..

Tank 1 - Pure Red Line

Tank 2 - Pure Black Line

Tank 3 - Black King Kong

Tank 4 - Blue Bolts
(photo not taken)

I shall monitor for another week before putting in more shrimps..

For the bottom tanks.. Since its well cycled (and I am a little bored) I off the lights and took some photos of my Pure Red Lines.. (Pure Black Line shrimps are far away from the glass, switching off the lights can't focus on them.. Haha)

Happy shrimping to all..

Also here wishing everyone a Happy Lunar Chinese New Year.. 恭喜發財,萬事如意,心想事成,年年有餘 (some lucky and prosperous words to all in Chinese)

(also a happy birthday to myself... Haha..)


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Email: alvin@aquarist-chamber.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinchansl/
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