DIY K1 Moving Media

I have had questions on how my DIY K1 media was done up..

Here is how it was done up.. I try to be as detail as I can:

Here is how the bottom of the DIY bottle is looking like.. There is a mesh to cover the cap to prevent shrimps from being sucked in during the process of bubbling..

The sides of the bottle has been attached with 2 suction cups to hold on the bottle in place as well as a hole at the cap area for the air tube to be attached to.. That will create the bubbles from the base of the bottle..

Lastly, holes are drilled at the base of the bottle (or the top when it's running) so as to release the bubbles.. This will create a upwards current to move the K1 moving media..
(Sorry for the dirty bottle as it was removed from the tank after its prolonged usage.. Hahaha)

Hope this helps all fellow hobbyist..

We in Singapore is quite lucky as this bottle can be purchased from certain LFS.. They are actually produced by a local hobbyist and I shall credit this to him.. He is Jojoe aka Jojoecute who has created this wonderful 'device' for my shrimp tanks as well as for other faunas for aquarium tanks in Singapore..

Filtration for my racks

My first 6 tanks rack (each 60cm x 35cm x 30cm) rack which filtration is using a sump and each individual tank has 2 air sponge filters and 1 bottle of K1 media to provide extra filtration, and I am also pumping in air via EHEIM air diffuser to each of these tank.. This is the rack which I started off with and right now I am still using it to house my PRL (Pure Red Line) of 2 different bloodline.

And recently I have started another rack which I have bought off another hobbyist who is temporary stopping. This rack, each tank is 120cm x 40cm x 30cm. But this filtration is totally different from my first rack.. For this rack, I am running 1xPre-filter (packed with just wool) + EHEIM 2026 + EHEIM 2217 + EHEIM 2215 per tank. (meaning I have 2 Prefilters and 6 canisters under my rack.. haha)

For setting up, can say that right now I 'swear by' ADA New Amazonia soil.. No doubt it takes a long time to cycle and somehow it has been a very stable soil if the tank matures. In order to enhance the bacteria during cycling, I use Prodibio Biodigest.. Somehow this little vial of liquid bacteria hasten my cycling by almost half.. (Normally a full cycle takes 4~6 weeks, but mine, I introduce shrimps after the 2nd week)



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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