Improving and progress

Hello everyone...

It has been a very very busy week since the birth of Reyné.. Helping out my wife and also handling some of the business at home...

Last weekend, a good fellow friend/hobbyist met me up and we had a trade.. He has an old Canon DSLR which he is not using and wants to trade for a couple of my shrimps and he even bundled in a flash with a lens... Guess what, it's a 100mm macro!!!!

Hope he really likes those shrimps and they will do him great honor when they breed.. I have started using the camera and I started by snapping my Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) Flowerheads.. It has been long long time since I took photo of them.. Other shrimps will follow slowly when I have time.. Please continue to support Shrimp Addict Hideout..

Here to share and hope everyone enjoy.. No flash or tripod was used so please forgive me if the photos are not perfect..

And here is one of my Flowerhead offspring.. Still in the progress of breeding more of them.. :)

Happy shrimping everyone...

Swimming Frenzy from CRS Flowerhead (juvenile) tank

This is the video taken when there is a swimming frenzy in my CRS Flowerhead tank.. Inside are mainly juveniles and they seems to be swimming 'happily'...

Happy Shrimping to all.. Have a great weekend..

Long forgotten update

There has been many shifting and selective breeding going on from my CRS flowerhead tank..

Initially I placed them in only one tank but right now they are given 3 tanks to shift around.. From breeding tank, juvenile tank and mix tank...

Here are the photo from the juvenile tank.. They are growing well... Percentage of mosura and flowerhead offspring is getting higher..

Long awaited update~

CRS Flowerhead has been a long 'neglected' section which I have not updated..

Its only till now that I manage to get a decent good population up after doing some selective picking.. There has been too much in-breeding before from my initial Flowerhead colony and I have added in some PRL 'culls' to try improve their colors and also stability in their genes..

After all the shifting to their new tank/partition, here you go..

Hanging for 'dear life'...

Spotted this little fella trying to scavenge off algae or bacteria film off the auto top up float... Hahaha..



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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