Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

Hope to see everyone more often at Aquarist Chamber!!!!

Shrimps available at Aquarist Chamber

Hello everyone!!

My long absence from my blog has caused my blog to be a little quiet.. I still see people reading up on my blog.. Thank you for your support!!

I have been busy handling Aquarist Chamber and found some time to update on the shrimps which are available...
Hope everyone can enjoy the photos and if any of you are actually around the area, do drop by.. :)

Sunkist Shrimp:

Fire Red Shrimp:

Chocolate / Black:

Blue Rili:

Red Rili:

Dream Velvet / Carbon Rili:

Orange Rili:

Blue Jelly:

Yellow Shrimp:

Goldenback Shrimp:

Tangerine / Yellow Tiger:
(Photos not available yet but in store)

Red Tiger:

Golden Eye Blue Tiger:

Black / Blue Diamond:

King Kong Panda / Stripe:

King Kong Extreme / Full black:

Blue bolts:

King Kong / Wine Red Hinomaru, Mosura, Flowerhead:

Wine Red Panda / Stripe:
(Photo not available but in store)

Pure Red Line:

Pure Black Line:

Crystal Red Shrimp:

Black Diamond Shrimp / Crystal Black Shrimp:


Thank you all for visiting my blog again.. :)

Happy shrimping!!

It's OPEN!!!!

It has been a long duration of wait for hobbyists...

We are finally open!!!!

I would like to take all distributors and shop owners support and their flowers for our opening...

Here are some sneak previews of the shrimps which we have in store...

Today also marks the first workshop held in Aquarist Chamber by Vin_Fish (Taiwan) on shrimp keeping... The turnout was quite good and all hobbyist are very engaging during the workshop... Thank you to all those who attended, hope that the second half of the workshop will go just as well..
Here are the snapshots of the workshop to share..

Thank you all for 'enduring' my long speech and photos...

Will update soon...

Happy shrimping...

A little more progress and getting ready for opening

Today, I would like to thank ADA Singapore (Biotope) team to take some time off their right schedule to set up Aquarist Chamber's front display tank..

We provided a 120x60x45cm crystal glass tank and after ADA Singapore did their set up, we placed an ADA Grand Solar I and immediately the whole visual of the display shows differently.. Thank you so much for doing up a tank for Aquarist Chamber dispute your busy schedule...

Here are some photos to share with fellow hobbyist and followers again.. Less words and more photos now..

Some further progress of the preparation and set up of our interior...

Happy shrimping to all.. Back to busy busy again...

Aquarist Chamber preparation on its way

To all fellow hobbyist,

Aquarist Chamber is in it's final phase of preparation for all hobbyist to have a place to enjoy shrimps, fishes, plants and even marine livestocks/corals..

Here are some photos to share... Please do follow Aquarist Chamber on the Facebook Page at

Here are some of the fishes which are already in the tanks while we are waiting for the shrimps and other livestocks to arrive. Partial plants have already been stocked as well..



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Facebook Page:

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