Happy New Year to everyone

Happy New Year to everyone and may all your wishes and dreams come through in 2014!!!

Happy shrimping!!!

Some updates of KK tank

Before I carry on my Japan trip, let me give some updates of my shrimps..

Tidy up my tank, clear up as much brown diatoms as I can in the KK tank..

Trying not to do too much in the tank or stir up the substrate.. Shrimps are all doing well.. So if nothing is wrong, don't mess around.. Haha...

Feeding time...

That's all for KK update..

Will carry on with Japan trip soon..

Dirty tank but happy shrimps

So sorry to all followers that I have not been cleaning the walls of the tank.. So it's a little unsightly..

Also the surface of the soil seems to have brown diatoms appearing again.. But shrimps are breeding, so no bother to me.. Hehe.. Put in some Red Nose Shrimps to help 'tidy' up the tank..

Background with more shrimplets, juveniles and adults 'resting'...

Black King Kong - photography taken by a friend

Here are the photos of Black King Kong shrimps taken by my friend..

Here are the KK hinomaru

As there are not much photos taken for my Wine Red (only 1 in fact.. Haha..) so I shall put them to share with the KK category.. Hehe..

Happy Shrimping...

Extreme KK with berried females

This is my favorite KK.. Extreme (Full black) KK.. Growing up very well and looking good.. He is one of those which I am keeping..

Together inside, there are quite a number of berried females... Just waiting for their due dates now... Hope to see more shrimplets out soon.. (Quite a number has been bought by buyers.. Hope they are in good hands..)

2 berried mama shading themselves (hiding actually.. Haha)

This KK mosura is actually in the Blue Bolt partition... At last she is berried.. Lets hope I can see more KK mosura offspring in the coming birth... A long wait of 21-28 days...



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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