Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday today in Singapore...

Whole week has been fully tied up with work on a coming 'surprise' for all hobbyist...

I will update to all readers in the coming week.. Hope this will be a good 'surprise' to all..

Before I end this post... Here is a photo of my blue bolt to share...

Happy shrimping...

Little blue specks..

Really enjoy seeing these shrimps grazing around on the soil..

Little blue dots...

Focusing on the slightly bigger ones behind..

Feeding and 'wall grazing'... Haha

Blue Bolts - photography taken by a friend

Today will be putting up photos of Blue Bolts taken by my friend...

The juveniles' blue doesn't intensity before 1.0-1.2cm.. As it age, the blue gets more intense (this depends on water parameter as well as how well it has gotten used to your tank..).. Also depending greatly on the genes of the parental shrimp..

Blue Bolt with head pattern..

One of my 'deep blue' Blue Bolt mama..

Hope everyone like these photos of my Blue Bolts..

Other photos will be posted shortly..

Happy Shrimping...

They have grown bigger...

Sorry to everyone that I have not been updating my blog.. Been busy with clearing of work before Chinese New Year.. During Chinese New Year also occupied with family and relatives visiting as well..

These photo which I have taken are from my Blue Bolt partitions and they are growing up well.. Hope they mature soon to give me more nice offsprings.. Haha..

Those which are deep blue are shifted to the new cycled tank to do some selective breeding.. Hope to be able to produce some nice deep coloration for the future batches in another tank..

Happy Shrimping...

I named it 'Alzorro'

The little 'weird' shrimp has grown up a little.. And after posting some talks with fellow hobbyist decided to give it a temporary name until some other hobbyist who are more renown have decided on it.. Hahaha.. 'Alzorro' blue bolt...

And lastly for the night... My blue bolts babies, juveniles grazing...



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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