Bee Mix - Premium Garnelen Futter

I have receive this from Mr Jürgen for such a long time and have not tried it.. So sorry about it to Mr Jürgen and Mr Peter..

So today I will try this... It's Bee Mix..

It is pellet type.. Very tough pieces.. Not easy to break but it's good in a way that it won't crumbles easily..

Tried feeding them to my Pure Black Line.. (Sorry have to zoom towards them as they carry the food far away from the tank therefore it's a little blurry)

Next try feeding on the King Kong tank..

Seems like this food is 'to their liking'.. Haha..

More updates on Mr Peter's food will slowly updated here..

Karotte (carrot)

Today's trial feeding is Karotte (carrot)

Nice color.. And in the water it goes..
Taking a little while for my shrimps to get used to the food though..

Pure Black Line

Pure Red Line

Brennnessel + Paprika

Feeding time as usual.. Decided to try this!

As the sample is not really a lot.. I tried breaking it into half.. So used it to feed my Pure Black Line and the Blue Bolt/KK hinomaru partitions..

Seems like they are taking awhile to get used to this new taste of food...

Stay tuned for other foods reviews soon..

Surprise Parcel from Germany

Came home after work.. Saw this parcel on my tabletop.. Thinking it was my wife's newly purchased online clothing but upon looking closer, it was attention to me.. I was like 'Wow' did I order anything?? Hahaha..

Then I saw a label on it.. Peter Linder.. I remembered Mr Jürgen Mörs has told me that he will be sending me some new shrimp food.. 'Yummy' for my shrimps.. Haha..

Thank you so much Mr Jürgen Mörs and Mr Peter Linder.. Will be trying them out soon..

Cute little ziploc bags with some nice and unique ingredients.. Haha.. Hope my shrimps like them.. (Paprika?? Isn't that spicy? Haha..)

Stay tuned for updates on the food..
Thanks again to the two brothers from Germany..

Lowkeys Standard Food

This is the last Lowkeys food which I have..

This pellet looks different..

Upon feeding.. These pellets doesn't break down as easily as the other 2 kind of Lowkeys food...
(same scenario where my shrimps just dash and eat it again..)

Lastly, here are the 3 food again and a show of their pellet shape, size and also color..



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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