Shrimps in 'dance' after SMW dosing

To all my fellow hobbyist, I have let you guys waited long for the video on the reaction during Bio-Culture SMW dosing..

I have just added 5ml to my 4feet tank.. Dosing of SMW is normally to aging water before water change.. But for me, I dose direct into my tank after mixing with some tank water..

This is my Pure Black Line tank after dosing..

Happy Shrimping....

(Note: Aaron from Aqueous Totem 'Crimson Taiwan' has advice on using SMW to aging water or reservoir for water changes is safer then direct dosing due to the acidity of SMW.. So to all SMW users, please take note.. Please do not try this at home - like me.. Hahahaha...)

Christmas pressie!!

I have long heard and this product has always been highly recommended by my overseas friends... Decided to get for myself and try it out... Can be considered a Christmas pressie to me since it arrived me on Christmas Eve.. Hahaha...

Here it is..
Bio-Culture SMW

Here is the explanation and instructions:

Bio-Culture SMW - it's a cell activation solution containing liquid mineral of high concentration.
Effective for all aquatic organisms regardless of seawater - freshwater.
It contains more then 20 kinds of minerals.

• fully meets all mineral sources of aquatic organism
• activity of nitrifying bacteria will increase
• greatly contribute to the prevention and cure disease
• ecosystem is stabilize and the amount of water change, frequency of water change is reduced

How to use:
When used for initial tank start up, 10ml dosage for 100L of freshwater for 5 days.
Thereafter, additional 10ml into 20L of water when doing water change.
Maintenance or re mineralizing purpose - 10ml every 1-2 weeks

(All these are stated on the bottle..)

I have tried on my tank.. The shrimps went into a swimming frenzy.. Will be trying to upload a video within the next few days.. (Trying not to add too much initially so wait for the shrimps to get used to this..) As of now, there is no casualties the next day..

Stay tuned..

Bee Addict Powder

Today got a little 'itchy hand' and tried dosing this...

Stated on the label is this:

Bacterial growth is increased spontaneously by the addition of organic matter in the powder.
Addict Powder is nutrients and Mironekuton related. Usage of this product will result in relatively smooth start-up if you use as a main product.
● How to use: once every two days for the start up should be added about 3 cups spoon of aquarium accessories for 60cm. Once a week after one month of initial dosage should be added as a guide
● Usage and effects 1) Juvenile shrimp survival is better as activation of microorganisms 2) purification of water 3), remineralizing formulation (Mironekuton)

It's said to be able to improve juvenile shrimps survival, improve water quality and also increase bacteria growth.. (seems like a lot of powder based bacteria products saying the same thing.)

This is the surface after dosing..

How it actually spreads into the water after some surface agitation from my air sponges..


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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