Lowkeys S.Food

Time to try out another food from my latest shipment..

This time is Lowkeys 'Secret' Standard Food..

Stated on the label is the ingredients:
(It is a great favorite of shrimp.
The pellet will go around the entire shrimp tank upon breaking up.
Ingredients: kale, seaweed powder, kelp, brewer's yeast, brown rice budding yeast, yeast asparagus)

This is how the food pellet looks like..

Seems like all my shrimps love them.. (or they are just hungry) But its good to see them just feeding on it.. Don't know if it's good or bad but the pellets break down into powder and it actually let's smaller shrimps feed on it easier and spread around the tank..

Bee Addict Powder

Today got a little 'itchy hand' and tried dosing this...

Stated on the label is this:

Bacterial growth is increased spontaneously by the addition of organic matter in the powder.
Addict Powder is nutrients and Mironekuton related. Usage of this product will result in relatively smooth start-up if you use as a main product.
● How to use: once every two days for the start up should be added about 3 cups spoon of aquarium accessories for 60cm. Once a week after one month of initial dosage should be added as a guide
● Usage and effects 1) Juvenile shrimp survival is better as activation of microorganisms 2) purification of water 3), remineralizing formulation (Mironekuton)

It's said to be able to improve juvenile shrimps survival, improve water quality and also increase bacteria growth.. (seems like a lot of powder based bacteria products saying the same thing.)

This is the surface after dosing..

How it actually spreads into the water after some surface agitation from my air sponges..

Echinodorus Opacus 欖仁 & Satan 撒旦

Have been keeping Echinodorus Opacus and Satan for almost 1 & half years.. They are really renown for their deep green color leaves and that is why their Chinese name for is actually 'Deep Green' (深綠)..

Echinodorus Opacus Rataj

Echinodorus Opacus Verde

Echinodorus sp 'Santa Maria 2005'

Echinodorus sp Satan 'Dream 2003' (撒旦~夢幻2003)

Echinodorus sp Satan '1995' (撒旦1995)

Echinodorus sp Satan

Echinodorus sp Satan 'T2000'

Still have some which I have yet to take photos or still growing.. Shall post when I am free (or they are ready.. Haha)

The Inhabitants ~ Wine Red

My Wine Red..

Colony of them has always been very small.. But they are growing in numbers at the moment..

B-Box Greedy Shrimp Food

My shipment of shrimp products from Japan has arrived..

First try was the product from B-Box Greedy Shrimp..
Label on it:
(It is rich in well-balanced animal protein and vegetable protein and recommended during incubation period and the breeding duration.
Can be used daily as a main course food but do not leave unfinished food in the tank.)

Look at how different the wafer looks..

Here is how my PRL reacted to them after 5mins of introducing it to them..

Will update on the other foods and stuff accordingly upon trial..

The Inhabitants ~ PBL

My PBL (Pure Black Line)..

They are from Vin (Taiwan) and specially picked by himself for me..
Breeding colony is from normal and high grade..

The Inhabitants ~ Blue Bolt

My Blue Bolts

Started off by having less then 3 of them... Right now seeing some growth and population increase.. Hope to see more soon..

The Inhabitants ~ Black King Kong

The Black King Kongs..

Have kept them for quite awhile.. And the body patterns/grades which I am keeping now is:
Extreme/Full Black
Stripes (single/double)
Hinomaru No Entry
Mosura (hoping to keep them soon)

The Inhabitants ~ PRL

Here are some of my shrimps photos to show..

One of the PRLs from 貴夫人 (Taiwan)... He is a teacher who have guide me on certain aspect of keeping shrimps.. Breeding colony was his normal~mid grades..

Another is from 35Shrimps (Thailand) whom I have grown to be of close contacts and we have become good friends sharing knowledge and problems..
Breeding colony was his normal~mid grades..

Filtration for my racks

My first 6 tanks rack (each 60cm x 35cm x 30cm) rack which filtration is using a sump and each individual tank has 2 air sponge filters and 1 bottle of K1 media to provide extra filtration, and I am also pumping in air via EHEIM air diffuser to each of these tank.. This is the rack which I started off with and right now I am still using it to house my PRL (Pure Red Line) of 2 different bloodline.

And recently I have started another rack which I have bought off another hobbyist who is temporary stopping. This rack, each tank is 120cm x 40cm x 30cm. But this filtration is totally different from my first rack.. For this rack, I am running 1xPre-filter (packed with just wool) + EHEIM 2026 + EHEIM 2217 + EHEIM 2215 per tank. (meaning I have 2 Prefilters and 6 canisters under my rack.. haha)

For setting up, can say that right now I 'swear by' ADA New Amazonia soil.. No doubt it takes a long time to cycle and somehow it has been a very stable soil if the tank matures. In order to enhance the bacteria during cycling, I use Prodibio Biodigest.. Somehow this little vial of liquid bacteria hasten my cycling by almost half.. (Normally a full cycle takes 4~6 weeks, but mine, I introduce shrimps after the 2nd week)

Shrimp Room

Welcome to this blog~

Shrimp keeping as been a hobby for me for 3 years.. Since the beginning, there has been lots of 'growth' and improvement (as well as money spent on having a good breeding stock for me)..

I shall keep the long history short and for fellow hobbyist who knows me will slowly find out..

But here is a short summary:
I started of with a nano tank but within a short timeframe of less then 2 months, I upgraded to a 2 feet tank which is of size 60x30x30cm.. But these tank didn't last long as I soon upgraded again to an aquascape tank of size 60x45x45cm which I tried to prove myself (and others) wrong that I can do a planted rockscape for shrimps (which definitely cannot work).. But not long after, my godpa (who is into shrimp keeping too) gave me my first 4 feet 3tier rack.. This rack is a sump system rack which I am housing my PRL (Pure Red Lines) now and after lots of tweaking and modifications, this rack is breeding them well and serving the purpose of letting me do my selective breeding..
Early 2012 I have gotten another rack from a hobbyist who is stopping this hobby from the time being and this is another 4 feet 3tier rack which is run by inline canisters..
By this time, chillers is too costly monthly and I have decided to switch to using aircon to chill all my tanks instead.. With the help of a fellow hobbyist/partner/friend, he helped me to construct out a glass room..

Here is some of the photos to show for now.. More photos will be shown as the days goes by when I am free..

Here is some of the photos to show for now.. More photos will be shown as the days goes by when I am free..

'Secret' shrimp room~

Sneak Peek of the shrimp room~

'Open' view of the shrimp room before aircon built~

Interior of the shrimp room (sorry for the mess)~


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Email: alvin@aquarist-chamber.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinchansl/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/aquaristchamber/

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