Blue Bolts babies out for a chat

Took this photo and realized that the 2 shrimplets looks like they are in the midst of a conversation.. Haha..

A heavily pregnant/berried blue bolt.. She seems to be so heavily berried until she has difficulty walking/swimming.. All the best to her and her babies when they born..

Shrimplets out to play

After lots of failures before.. Right now everything is smooth and going well.. These Black King Kong has been breeding and giving me lots of good nights sitting and staring at them..

Now these little babies are out and playing...

(PS. Sorry for the algae-ful soil.. Can't help it.. Haha..)

Planting plants

Tank has been cycling for about a week plus (or 2 weeks.. Can't remember.. Haha)

Time to give it some greenery... Not going to be planting too many plants.. Just 2 Echinodorus stalk per partition at the moment..

Since I have a little time, just let the tank cycle for a little bit longer before I test the parameters and putting in 'test water' shrimps..

Babies foraging

It is a sight to be seeing so many little shrimplets grazing on the algae partition...

Hope they grow up strong and healthy (with nice colors like their parents..)

Last entry for 27/9/12

After so long, this pretty little female PBL decided to come out for a walk and also grab a nibble of the algae wafer which I placed..

It's late.. Good night.. Will post again soon..

Feeding time!!! (actually daily also feeding.. haha)

It has been a daily routine to feed and do some maintenance of the racks/tanks.. Now I realized that the shrimplets are growing bigger... It will be time to do some cullings and carry on refining their qualities...

Gifts from a good friend

It has been a great honor to be given a good colony of Flowerhead from a good friend of mine.. Sad to say that he has decided to stop this hobby (until further notice..)

Hope he will start again soon and we can enjoy this nice hobby together..

F1 blue bolt with head pattern

F1 offspring of my blue bolts with KK hinomaru...

Surprise that it has a unique head pattern.. Lets see how it will turn out to be later on..

'Light' tanning session

KK stripe taking a rest or 'sun' tanning session on an Echinodorus Opacus Rataj leaf...

Love to see their shimmering black armor glistering under the lights..

Early morning before lights on

At last! I managed to see them all out in the open 'field of algae' and this time it's a surprise... They are out with their babies....

My 'last' tank for shrimp room

Was pretty busy the last few weeks but took out a little time each day to set up this last tank of my rack...

It's filtered by 2 sets on filtration.. Each set has a EHEIM 2217 filled with substrate pro and EHEIM 2215 half filled with Powerhouse Monoball..

It's cycling now so plants will be added later on since I have some time...

A prefilter will be added in front of each inline canisters soon..

(By the way, that brown small 'hill' is actually ADA Bacterball)

Taking a shade from the warm weather

Recent days, weather has been extremely warm and sunny...

Even my PBL also tried to take a shelter from the bright lights.. Haha

At last!! Berried KK hinomaru no entry

I have been waiting for this female to get berried for a long time.. At last she is pregnant and I will just wait to see her offsprings...

Posing female PRL

Last night was doing some daily maintenance of my tanks and I noticed this mama..

Decided to take a snapshot and update here..

Quick snap of Hinomaru

It was a long tiring day yesterday.. After dinner I went to top up 'evaporated' water of my racks with auto top up from direct RO DI..

While waiting for the water to top up automatically to my pre-set water level, I took 2 photos of my King Kong Hinomaru (blue base)..

Here it is... Enjoy..

Lowkeys Standard Food

This is the last Lowkeys food which I have..

This pellet looks different..

Upon feeding.. These pellets doesn't break down as easily as the other 2 kind of Lowkeys food...
(same scenario where my shrimps just dash and eat it again..)

Lastly, here are the 3 food again and a show of their pellet shape, size and also color..

Lowkeys Ultra Supple

It's shrimp food review time again..

Today is to try Lowkeys Ultra Supple.. It's a supplement food for shrimps..

Label states this:
It is a supplement for making shrimps healthy.
* Please give to about 20% of the total food normally given and treat Ultra Supple as a supplement.
Ingredients: Asparagus, sprouted brown rice yeast, yeast, yeast-scale mineral hijiki high concentration organic beer
(beer?! Oh my god, I going have drunken shrimps...)

The shape and size of this food... Looks like Lowkeys food has a standard look and size..

Again the shrimps just dash for the food.. (wondering if I am really starving my shrimps... )

'Secret' Grass

Here I go again.. Another day of trying food.. Lucky that these shrimps are able to finish up the food without me wasting them...

I just tried feeding them this food produced by Heat Wave x Lowkeys.. I believe this is a joint produced food but I really wonder if they produce the same food..

On the label states:
(Contain 90 different nutrients.
Particularly rich in calcium, is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and K.
It is rich in essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids other.

● raw materials
Moringa, wheat bran (wheat), rice bran

● Please note that
· Please close the lid tightly after opening. I hate the humidity.
• Do not eat this product is a dedicated aquarium fish food
- Keep out of the reach of children.)

Take a look at the pellets.. They look similar to others..

1 minute after I dropped a pellet into the tank..

Lowkeys B18 Power Protein

Today is to try out the newly launch food from Lowkeys which is said to enhance reproduction rate but to what extend I have yet to try.. Will monitor slowly..

What stated on the label:
Reinforcing agents for promoting fertility of shrimp.
Increases the activity of the shrimp.

Promote breeding by increasing the 'capacity' of the male population

● main component
Lactic acid bacteria, yeast, beer Hazue mulberry-end Viper reduced maltose shell calcium (dextrin)

This is how it looks like and it's really a small pill size..

Here it goes into my tank..

It will slowly breakdown into powder and shrimps seems not to cluster around it but feeding beside it..



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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