Seed shrimps

It has been a long time these 'shrimps' have invaded my tanks...

But honestly, if they are not causing problems. Why find things or ways to remove them if the shrimps are breeding well and growing healthy? :p

It's feeding time ~ Blue Bolt

The blue bolts which I am keeping does not have a big colony.. But do hope that they will breed more soon.. Crossing with my KK hinomaru and hoping more as well..

And here are, the KK hinomaru and KK mosura..

It's feeding time ~ King Kong

It's always a sight to be feeding these black King Kong... Just love seeing them feed and hope they will cover my substrate soon.. Haha..

It's feeding time ~ PBL

Their usual feeding again... *nom nom nom*

It's feeding time ~ PRL

It's feeding time.. Why is it that they keep eating? (Maybe it's just one meal a day? Haha)

It's feeding time ~ Wine Red

It's their nightly feeding again...

Here are a couple if deep red Wine Red which have grown quite a bit..

Posing berried/pregnant mama ~ Blue Bolt

This is her second pregnancy and she is just as blue as previously..

'Camp' in front of the tank to wait for her to come out (unless the other PRL mama but its worth the wait)..

Now 2 blue bolt mamas are 'side by side'.. See their difference? Haha..

Posing berried/pregnant mama ~ PRL

Posing for a long time like asking me to take a photo of her.. Haha.. So here goes...

Three shots.. Then she started to move away.. (-_-")

Wall of brown diatom

New tank syndrome.. Brown diatom on my stainless steel mesh partition.. But shrimps are cleaning/eating it up for me.. Haha.. Hope they clean it up soon..

Back view

Can't get a good shot of this little stud.. But his coloration and body shape is one of the best.. Hope more of his offspring will be a beauty like him..
He is 1 of the 2 males with another 2 females in a special partition for them..

Wine Red hinomaru & a special baby

Here is a Wine Red hinomaru which I hope that it will bear me more nice offspring..

All of a sudden, I noticed this little fella coming out.. The color is very deep red unlike the others.. There are a few pieces of this coloration.. Lets see if in the near future I can stable it to be all of these deep red colorations..

Mum & baby

Thanks to this pretty mama, she has given me a couple of nice babies which follows her body pattern..

Lets hope this baby can grow to look just as pretty as her mama..

Satan 'Dream 2003' (夢幻2003)

This plant has grown very nicely..
Hope I can propagate some out soon..

Handsome stud of flowerhead

Spent some time to clear the rack which I am doing the decommissioning and after that sat down and slowly look at my shrimps..

And I saw this to share..

The 'Cliff' Hanger

Well, it's the same old routine of nightly feeding..

And when I stood higher to see if the flow is alright... Then... I noticed this fella trying to crawl INTO my rainbar.... The 'cliff hanger' style... How the hell did this shrimp crawl up there??

Shrimp Addict Hideout out in websites & forums

It has been great honor to have a website and a forum letting me put Shrimp Addicts Hideout blog into their site.

This website shows a worldwide access to online shops, breeders, everything related to aquatic products..
The Aquarium Shops
(thank you & credits to Imke Jungjohann)

Another is The Fish Times forum which I had shared information and photos. Then my blog was posted into a Blog Section that really touched me and felt appreciated..
The Fish Times Forum

Lets hope that there will be more avid shrimp hobbyist willing to start this fantastic (poisonous) and fun hobby...

3 partitions, 3 selections

It has been a week of brainstorming and I have decided to a revamp/upgrade to a rack which has been with me for newly 2years.. So PRL has to be shifted to the newly set up tank to be house there till the new rack is ready.. Then more selective breeding to come..

Partition 1 (lots of shrimps are at the other side):

Partition 2:

Partition 3:

Busy busy munching

These black King Kong has really gotten used to this partition, growing, breeding and everyday munching away on the food which I fed them every night...

Grow up healthy and strong little fellas..

flowerhead CRS in their new partition

It has been a week and finally decided to shift my CRS Flowerhead to another rack..

Will be doing a revamp/upgrade to a rack which has been with me for newly 2years.. (Same will be shifting the PRLs)

Seems like they are happily in their new 'place'

PRL in new tank

After setting up the new tank and its ready..

Started to select out the shrimps and placed them into their respective partitions..

Here they are..

Partition 1:

Partition 2:

Partition 3 are the not so good pieces (culls).. Haha..

Feeding frenzy

Just drop a food and they finished it in an hour... No waste to my food.. Hope they grow healthy..

More Wine Red in progress

Did some feeding to the Wine Red partition... Noticed that more little babies are out and juveniles too..

Hope more babies will soon 'appear'..

Pretty mama..

My 2 pretty Pure Black Line mama came out for a stroll this afternoon..

They had just given birth about 10 days ago and now they are berried again which is into their 8th day.. Expecting their second batch of shrimplets in about 14~17 days..

In another partitions, these little fellas are enjoying the algae fields and right now, just roaming around..


Blue blue 'water'...

I started with only 3 blue bolts.. In the midst of deaths, breeding and crossing with blue tint King Kong.. I have a good quantity of near 30+ blue bolts now...

Hope they will carry on breeding and giving me nice offsprings...

Will update on the KK hinomaru who just given birth and I am already seeing a number of KK hinomaru babies... Hope they will do well and show good qualities like their mama...

Gathering of the black/white

At times in the morning before the lights of the tanks are switched on and the morning sun is just right... It will be a good time to just take a look at the tanks and do some selection between the PRL and PBL on their white of their bodies...

But this is what I see just now... All the PBL seems nice and good... Wait for them to get a little bigger then culling starts...

Water Change & Top Up

This is what I use for water changes and water top up..

Since I am keeping my tanks in aircon room.. The evaporation rate is quite a lot.. I am doing water top up approximately 3 days once.. For water change normally I do once every 2 weeks of about 10%~15% via RO DI 6-stage system and dosing of minerals for GH and TDS direct to tank (please do not try this if you are not confident because I think my shrimps are used to my water change habits)

Here is my RO DI system..

And here is my auto top up.. (It will stop topping up water once the level which I have set is reached)

(Note: RO DI will produce water of 0~1 GH and TDS of 0~3 depending on usage and lifespan of system.. But the fallback is that every 1L of RO DI water, there will be approximate 3L of 'waste' water which is the by-product of the system)

Artificial Hatching

This happened quite some time back but I feel that this can be a good info to share with everyone..

There was once when I saw an old berried female mama shrimp which 'passed on'..
She stayed in the same position since the night before but she was still struggling so I never disturb her but could tell that she might not survive..
She been with me for about a year (at the point of artificial hatching) so all I could do is to save her offspring..

This is what I did... Let's hope these little 'eyed' fellas could make it... Removed them from the mama with a small spoon.. And in they go...

All I did was to to let the eggs move in a circular motion inside the hatchery nets and not let it stop (if possible).. At least I tried to save as much as their offspring as possible.. After about a week, I have quite a high survival of those eggs.. Almost all the eggs hatched..

Please remember that if the eggs are nearing their hatch day, using this method has higher success rate.. If the female just berried and you need to resort to this, then just make sure the eggs don't get moldy and keep the eggs spinning in the hatchery net.. Last but not least, pray for their best..

(Note: don't touch the eggs with your hands during extraction.. I use a tweezer to hold the shrimp and a small plastic spoon to slowly extract the eggs in a small cup before pouring into the hatchery net..)

In the midst when the shrimps are ok, I will use back the hatchery net as a barley straw pellets holder.. The shrimps will just pick the barley straw pieces or just swim inside to nibble.. Haha.. They are quite cute when they are doing that..

(These photos were taken quite some time back..)

3 mums and 2 babies

These 3 are my hardworking King Kong mama.. They are in their 3rd batch of eggs and their age are almost up I guess.. Really hope they are live longer not only to give me more nice offspring but also to 'enjoy' life in the tank..

Loving mama fanning her 'warm' eggs.. Haha

These are 2 nice babies... Lets hope they grow up strong and healthy...

Few candidates for selective breeding

Had some time last night (after the photo session) decided to select out some PRL to be placed in a partition for selective breeding..

They might not be the best of the batch but its more fun to start somewhere in the middle and refine again.. Haha..

Photo Contest....

It has been a busy day at work and after work, I received a message from Chris Lukhaup.. I was like 'OH MY GOD'.. He asked if I am interested to take part in the photo contest in Crustahunter on Facebook.. I was reluctant at first since its my first photo contest (and I am really a newbie in photo taking..) but I decided to have a go at it.. Since its my first time and also it's for the fun of the hobby...

Spend a good hour sitting and staring at all my tanks and finally decided to settle for a shot of my Blue Bolt... (Wanted to take KK hinomaru blue based, but she just gave birth to quite a few shrimplets just yesterday and no stressing her of moving her in front of my lens for photoshoot after her hard 'work'..)

Here you go.. Hope you guys will give this little girl a vote if you see it on the photo contest...



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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