Hinomaru & Mosura

Taken some time in the midst of a busy day at night and took photos of these newly grown juveniles.. Really happy that I am growing them well and hope more of them will appear.. Haha..

Both shying away from the camera...

And hope more of this quality will come out too..

Happy shrimping...

11th day - Bacteria & Planting

Today is the 11th day of cycle.. Time to add in another dose of liquid bacteria..

Give it a good shake of 15-30 seconds to 'activate' the bacteria inside.. And in it goes...

Now for some planting to be done... These plants was kept in a holding tank during the cycling and now the 1st set are ready to be planted..

And in goes a long leaved plant (Barclaya Longifolia)

A full tank shot of both tanks now...

That's all for today... Back to cycling for the tanks...

DIY K1 Moving Media

I have had questions on how my DIY K1 media was done up..

Here is how it was done up.. I try to be as detail as I can:

Here is how the bottom of the DIY bottle is looking like.. There is a mesh to cover the cap to prevent shrimps from being sucked in during the process of bubbling..

The sides of the bottle has been attached with 2 suction cups to hold on the bottle in place as well as a hole at the cap area for the air tube to be attached to.. That will create the bubbles from the base of the bottle..

Lastly, holes are drilled at the base of the bottle (or the top when it's running) so as to release the bubbles.. This will create a upwards current to move the K1 moving media..
(Sorry for the dirty bottle as it was removed from the tank after its prolonged usage.. Hahaha)

Hope this helps all fellow hobbyist..

We in Singapore is quite lucky as this bottle can be purchased from certain LFS.. They are actually produced by a local hobbyist and I shall credit this to him.. He is Jojoe aka Jojoecute who has created this wonderful 'device' for my shrimp tanks as well as for other faunas for aquarium tanks in Singapore..

7th day of cycle

It has been a long week.. Tied up with work.. Didn't have much time to start adding 'stuffs' to my tanks till tonight.. I won't be testing any of the parameters at the moment.. Just leave the tanks to cycle, whether its already fully cycled or not.. Just be patience for me..

First to add to the tank is my K1 media.. I noticed there is an area which I consider a 'dead spot' under the rainbar.. So there it goes..

Next to be fitted will be air sponge filters.. 2 sets per tank/partition.. (Water is a little cloudy because I added more Mosura BT9)

Right now, there are 'growth' on the substrate which I like.. Meaning bacteria or diatoms are starting to grow... Tank is progressing well... White specks should be those powder flakes which are actually breaking down.. So leave it, might turns out to be shrimps 'food' for a some time.. Hahaha...

And here is a full tank shot.. (Cloudy water due to Mosura BT9) Still not going to do any water changes or add my plants yet... Plants maybe tomorrow or next week if time permits...

3rd day of cycle..

Today is the 3rd day of cycle for the new tank.. Water cleared up..

You can see the empty vials of the Biodigest which I have left inside.. (Making sure that all residue are going into the tank.. Haha..)

Plants and maybe driftwood will be placed inside soon.. Can't help it when I see an empty tank cycling with just soil.. Hahaha..

Blue Bolts & KK Hinomaru updates

While waiting for the first tank to get fully cycled.. Time for some shrimps updates..


Wine Red updates

While waiting for the first tank to get fully cycled.. Time for some shrimps updates..


Black King Kong updates

While waiting for the first tank to get fully cycled.. Time for some shrimps updates..


PBL updates

While waiting for the first tank to get fully cycled.. Time for some shrimps updates..

Will be selecting some of the better shrimps from them to shift in time to come..


PRL updates

While waiting for the first tank to get fully cycled.. Time for some shrimps updates..

Will be selecting some of the better shrimps from them to shift in time to come..


In you go (bacteria)...

Today marks the second day of cycle... Time to dose bacteria to hasten the cycle..

Habit of over-dosing is here again.. Hahaha...

Prodibio Biodigest 2 vials per partition.. So 4 vials used today..

And to give it a finishing touch.. Mosura BT9, 1 scoop each partition... :p

Now it's patience and wait... Will dose again in a week's time or later... Planting of some plants will be done at a later date...

For now, will be back to enjoying shrimps.. Taking photos..

Here comes the 1st tank!!!

Firstly, I started of by deciding where to place the inlet and the rainbar... Sat there thinking for awhile.. And this is my position which is going to be the same for all my 6 partitions...

Then comes the connection for all the hoses... Will be using EHEIM double taps do in cases where I would need to wash or do maintenance for any canister, I would still be able to do it easily by closing the valves of each segment..

(Canister 1)

(Canister 2)

Then all set up proper for the filtration.. Now it's time to sprinkle mineral powder to the base of the tank before putting in the soil..

And this is what I use..

Totally use up a full bottle..

Next comes the soil.. I am using a full ADA New Amazonia soil.. Right now is the Normal which I am pouring..

Last soil to be placed on top will be ADA New Amazonia Powder.. For me, it's not only for aesthetic purpose but also to make sure shrimplets are not hidden from view..

Time for adding water.... Using auto top up but not using RO DI.. Since its only for cycling purpose now, just tap water will do but I am using water which passed from the 3-stage filter before the RO membrane.. Place a bag at the point of water dripping to prevent soil from being messed up..

Well, today marks the first day of cycle for the 1st tank... The rest of the tanks will be in the same sequence but I am giving an interval of 1 month to 1.5 month for the next tank to start cycle..

Will be dosing in all the powder and liquid bacteria tomorrow (or when I am free).. Taking my time to cycle slowly to mature the tank..

Shall update in those soon... Keep yourself reading...

Air manifold ready!!

After lots of PVC pipe measurements, cutting and gluing.. The air valves manifold are done up and ready to 'blow'...

The whole system will be powered by a Hiblow120 in a close loop to ensure equal pressure from each valve when all valves are open 'in the end'... I have left out a portion and 'cap' it for further expansion (if I ever wanted another small tank done up)...

Unable to take photo except 1 portion due to the tight space constrain I am having..

Tomorrow (or should I say later today), I will be doing up and starting the first tank (2 partitions)..

Stay tune.... Good night....

Auto top up system done!

Managed to find some time to connect and lay out all the water tubes and trying to place the auto top up (via 6-stage RO DI)

All 6 tanks are done for their auto top up..

Spend a little more time to fill some canisters with Powerhouse Monoballs

Oops.. Not 3L of Monoball is not enough to fill the canister...

Will be topping up with Powerhouse Soft (Small) which I have leftover from my previous set up.. That to be done later..

Since 1 canister (2 canisters per partition) will be using all Powerhouse media... The other one will be using all EHEIM Substrate Pro..

The rest will have to update again...

Next up will be the air manifold (again) and follow by the cables for electricity...

Arrival of the rack and tanks

It was a long grueling wait for the rack and tanks to come..

But here they are!!! Thanks to the tank maker and his staffs.. They had to 'commando' through such a tight space to place the rack and tanks..

Just realized that this rack fit almost exactly along the wall of the previous rack.. It's wider, longer and higher.. This means its harder to DIY the pipes, auto top up system.. But it looks really better to me.. A little bit more work to be done.. No time this weekend..

Here are the items which I have taken out for each partition.. There are more stuff to be added slowly..

And here lay the filtration needed per partition... Haha...

A lot more work to be done.. Hope I find time to set up but I am going to be doing it slowly..

Keep yourself updated...

Deep Deep Blue

This female is in her 3rd pregnancy and she is in the deepest blue I have seen since birth till now...

She is with her friends 'hanging out' beside the driftwood... Hahaha... (See the colors comparison with another blue bolt)

The equipments are here!!!

It has been a short wait but excited as ever...

Now awaiting the rack and tanks to arrive...

Starting line up:
The soil.. ADA New Amazonia Normal and ADA New Amazonia Powder

Next up is the filtration system which is going to take a long while to set up... But it's going to be fun...
EHEIM 2215 and Subfilters

Stay tune for more updates coming...

Shrimp Balls

A new pack of food, and there they go... Hungry as ever...

2 shrimp balls formed!!!

Food tasting session

Opened up a new food for these little fellas, it drops down and all started swarming around and feasting...

Big decision made

It has been a few days since I have blog.. Reason being that I am in the midst of doing a major (to me, but might be minor) change of a rack..

Well.. I have decided to do a revamp/upgrade of one of my racks...

This rack has followed me for a long time and have been through much issues.. Lots of tweaks and modifications to do to make the rack good and breeding well on the shrimps..

And now, I have decided to decom it..

Out of goodwill to aquatic hobbyist, I have given away all the 6 tanks and a sump tank by posting online.. Thanks to those two hobbyist for coming down on a Sunday to collect them.. And hope they make good use for you...

Right now is the time to wait for the arrival of the new rack.. I have made a customize rack and will be slowly showing all the fellow shrimp hobbyist about it and how I am going to be setting it..

Goodbye to a rack which has been 'faithfully' following me through my upkeeping of shrimps....

(No more rack and nicely cleaned up thanks to a good buddy, Weizhong who took time and drop by on Saturday and Sunday to help me.. Also to my sister who actually came to help me mop the floor.. Hahaha)


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Email: alvin@aquarist-chamber.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinchansl/
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