Nice food?

These food has always been their favorite..

Like the results of it turning into powder for the little ones in the tank...

First pregnancy in 'new' tank

It has been awhile since these shrimps have been in their new environment.. And now they are BERRIED... Just waiting for their offsprings to be born..

Hoping they will be as pretty as their parents.. Hahaha..

Last destination in Taiwan

It was quite a hectic journey and trip for me and my family.. But they have been very understanding..

This last destination which I went have given me motivation and also urge to bring my level of shrimp breeding to a higher level.. Hahaha... (Actually from first destination already very motivated!)

It was the last night in Taiwan and this friend actually came down to give me and my friend a lift to his 'workplace'.. I would say its a factory instead... He is the winner of 2 consecutive years in the International Japan Shrimp Competition for his King Kong and Blue bolt.. Brother Big2 (林柏志)..
Really happy that he took an effort to meet me up and took an earlier flight back to Taiwan from Japan just to meet up with me before I went back to Singapore as he was on a business trip to Japan just a couple days back..

Upon arriving at his shrimp room (shrimp factory).. All I see was rows of racks and tanks.. A total of 250 tanks...

(Don't be deceive into only seeing the front portion.. The unlit area are the 'scary' rows.. Hahaha)

We chatted for about another 2-3 hours again.. About his shrimps, set up, and his most recent 'work' on pinto shrimps.. Learnt a lot, shared a lot..

Thank you so much Bro Big2 (林柏志) for your time and sharing..

This trip was definitely a very fruitful and well-learnt trip.. Seeing all the masters with their different ways of set up, their way of keeping and maintaining their shrimps.. I still have a long way to go.. But shrimp keeping is an ever-learning hobby.. Will take time to visit all these buddy, friends, 'teachers' again..

Now marks the end of my Taiwan trip.. Will try to make time time to visit all of them and maybe others soon in the near future..

Thanks again to everyone who I have visited and they took time to entertain me..

Will continue to update my blog, so carry on staying..

Shrimps in 'dance' after SMW dosing

To all my fellow hobbyist, I have let you guys waited long for the video on the reaction during Bio-Culture SMW dosing..

I have just added 5ml to my 4feet tank.. Dosing of SMW is normally to aging water before water change.. But for me, I dose direct into my tank after mixing with some tank water..

This is my Pure Black Line tank after dosing..

Happy Shrimping....

(Note: Aaron from Aqueous Totem 'Crimson Taiwan' has advice on using SMW to aging water or reservoir for water changes is safer then direct dosing due to the acidity of SMW.. So to all SMW users, please take note.. Please do not try this at home - like me.. Hahahaha...)

Visiting Aqueous Totem (Crimson Taiwan)

Back to my Taiwan trip...

When I was at Sky Fish's place, I met up with Aaron Li (AA魚大 - owner of Aqueous Totem 'Crimson Taiwan') as he was in the vicinity.. Told him that I will be visiting him but he won't be back to his shop during the date of my visit.. But he told me to meet 泰誠 who I am quite familiar with as well..

This time to Aqueous Totem (Crimson Taiwan), my wife decided to stay in the hotel to wait for me as she is feeling a little tired and my little princess has fallen asleep..

So off I went to my destination.. When I arrived only 泰誠 is around.. He was busy doing water change but still took time to 'entertain' me and stopping his stuff.. Haha.. Thank you 泰誠 for your bubble tea and coffee..

Their poster...

Here is their interior tanks.. Also neat and tidy..

Me and my friend sat there, chatted with 泰誠 for about 2~3 hours about tanks, maintenance, water change method, shrimps & plants (especially plants!! My friend and his lovely daughter was totally all over their plants.. Haha..)

Really love their simplicity of their tanks.. (I like that wood very much.. Haha.. And it's very heavy in weight..)

This is my 3rd location of visit.. I have 1 more to go... Stay tuned..

(Must take photo of Aaron & 泰誠 when I go again next time.. Always missed out on a photo with them..)

Hanging for 'dear life'...

Spotted this little fella trying to scavenge off algae or bacteria film off the auto top up float... Hahaha..

Starting of the last 2 tanks/4 partitions

After a long decision, I have decided not to wait for ADA Amazonia (Powder Soil) as the top overlay for the last 4 partitions..

ADA Amazonia (Powder Soil) seems to be on an islandwide (or even worldwide) shortage as I have asked friends from overseas about their stocks for these soil... The same answer from them that this powder soil seems to be out of stock as well..

So without anymore waiting.. I will just stick to cycling without the powder soil.. This set up will be somewhat different in the initial start up.. I will be just cycling with a liquid bacteria which is used by my buddy 'Vin' in Taiwan..

I have just finished adding water and did the initial planting of all the plants I wanted to place inside.. This time I started planting early is because I want the plants to fully get used to the tank and root themselves.. In a way, the plants will be able to start 'fighting' for nutrient with whatever algae that might appear during the initial 3-4 weeks..

Tanks will not have lights on for the plants for 3-4 days.. It's for them to acclimatize themselves to the tank before they starts their full growth with my 6hrs lighting regime..

Here are all the 4 tank shots:

These tanks are in their 2nd day of cycle.. Water seems very clear even at the 2nd day.. Hope this carries on..

Full rack shot of all the 3 tanks/6 partitions..

Here are the 2 products which I will be using for those 4 partitions and shall see what is the results.. I am sure the results will be satisfying.. (Let's hope I will not be 'itchy hand' to dose other stuffs to make sure this is a good test in the products.. Haha)

NB bacteria (liquid)

NB 'live' water (it's for activation of bacteria and stabilizing the tank of conditions which might cause problems in the near future)

I will be adding minerals to bring up the GH/TDS as it is cycling...

Will try update these 4 partitions as times goes by.. Stay tuned *again* (Hahahaha)...

Second Destination: Sky Fish (天空魚水族)

Here is the continuation of my trip in Taiwan... The second destination which I visited...

It was very nice of Vin to meet up with me to go to meet this person and his shop and breeding room..

Here we are!!! Sky Fish Aquarium (天空魚水族館) owned by Sky Fish

Sky actually waited for us to go for lunch together.. It's so heartwarming and he brought me with my little family members for a nice Japanese lunch..

The best sushi I had.. Beef sushi.. Thank you Brother Sky

The two great masters 'Fish' together having lunch with 'little' me..
To the left, Vin Fish.. To the right, Sky Fish..

These are some of the shrimps in his tank.. Taken using iPhone...

Sky actually made it very cozy and nice to be in his shop to just laze around or just sit on the stool to practically stare at the shrimps... (My wife actually enjoys being there.. Haha)

Here is the first row of tanks upon entry into his shop

The row behind

Another row

There is even another room at the back which houses all the nicer and more beautiful shrimps...

(I was sneakily snapped for 'shrimp gazing' by buddy Vin)

Spend quite abit of time chatting and admiring shrimps with both the 'Fishes' (haha..) until my little baby daughter has fallen asleep... Both my wife and daughter really followed me on my 'expedition'.. Thank you both..

Lastly, a group photo taken with the 2 masters (Vin & Sky) at Sky Fish Aquarium.. Thank you again for both your hospitality.. Will be back soon..

This marks the end of my second destination in Taiwan... I shall carry on with the third when I am free.. Stay tuned...

Photos taken during the interview with Mr Gabor Horvath

I have mentioned that Mr Gabor Horvath has taken some photos of my shrimps.. As I was out of town when he sent them to me, so unable to post... Now that it's all with me..

Here we go..

King Kong

King Kong hinomaru no entry

Pure Red Line

Pure Black Line

Blue bolts

Thank you so much Mr Gabor Horvath for your fantastic photos... We shall meet again soon in the near future...

Sleepless night

Can't get to sleep last night... Went to my shrimp room and feel that it's been awhile since I took photos for my Pure Red Line.. So I went to grab my DSLR and started camping in front of the tank to snap photos.. iPhone always cannot portray the PRLs well due to the white balance.. Haha..

Here are a few photos to share.. Quality not that good and hope that after more selective breeding, I can have even better results... Enjoy..

'Nom nom nom' (munching away)

Need improve white....

Don't snatch my food...

One of my favorite...

'Bye bye'.....

My long awaited visiting

Sorry to everyone.. It has been a long time since I have updated my blog..

Reason being that I have went visiting some Taiwanese breeders in Taiwan.. It was really an eye opener to me and also a great exchange of views on shrimps markets and also experiences of different set up's pro and cons..

Really happy that all these breeders have treated me as a confidante and shared all their experiences with me.. I have learnt much more then what I have in my previous trip..

First breeder which I have met upon arrival is: Vin Fish, a buddy to me before and after this trip. I had a chance to see his wonderful shrimp room (or shrimp apartment to be exact, hahaha)..

This is actually just a portion of it.. He has another room which I didn't take any photo of..

Spent almost 5hrs with an hour of lunch in between.. Haha.. His set up is amazing and simplicity is his aim of set up..

Here are some photos of his shrimps too show.. He has too many to take, so I only took these with my iPhone..

Some of the shrimps which I have 'secretly' net out for photoshoot.. Hahaha.. But of cause Vin is beside me when I am doing this..

This piece has very nice legs and features.. Loving it..

The next day, Vin and me with another friend actually had a great night sitting at Taiwan's famous night market, having some snacks and couple of bottles of beer.. Even though he has to work the next day, we chatted till the wee morning of 3am! Haha

(Some weird vegetable, deep fried fish eggs and stir fried snail meat)

Our trophies for the night..

Thank you so much to Vin 'buddy' for his warm hospitality and also for all that we have shared and talked about.. I will be visiting you soon again as said..

I shall have more write ups from other breeders in time to come when I am free.. Stay tuned..

Second Interview for Hungarian Aquarium Magazine

Guess it has been a great start of 2013 for me..

I had the honor of being asked by Mr Gabor Horvath for an interview to be written for a Hungarian Aquarium Magazine..
The article will go to the Hungarian aquarium magazine (their website is Hungarian Akvarium Magazin )

He came over and we had a good chatting session.. He has brought his DSLR with a wonderful macro lens and took some fantastic photos of my shrimps.. As well as showing his wonderful fish room and his gorgeous collection..

I brought him to Green Chapter to look at their shrimps, equipments and products.. Followed by coming over my place.. We spent almost 4 fruitful hours exchanging ideas and ways of set up.. It was really an eye opener for me to know more about how other breeders are doing their set up..

I will be uploading the photos which he have taken after he has compiled them and sent out to the editor of the magazine before sending me..

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come over and for sharing all, Mr Horvath.. I apologize if I have not been a good host.. We will meet soon again when you are back to Singapore (or if I am going to Wales)..

Stay tuned for the photos..

Seeing more shrimplets

The previous holding tank (not the new rack) which I set up to house the PRLs before I decom my sump rack are going quite ok.. Starting to see more shrimplets appearing.. They are getting quite comfy nowadays.. Good sign..

Here are some photos to show..
(iPhone can't bring out the Red/White well..)

Time for some DSLR but need time to 'camp' in front of the tank..

Un-updated tank

It has been awhile since I have given an update on the tank which I have cycled...

To date, shrimps are growing.. No casualties.. Very little feeding done approximately once a week.. Believe there are lots of biofilm for them to be feeding for a long time.. Just did a water change so thought that I should update..

Pure Black Line tank's brown diatom has been almost cleared up.. There are some BGA (blue green algae) spotted.. Had been doing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) spotting on those locations to 'kill' off those bacteria.. But everything seems good..

Pure Red Line tank's brown diatom is still quite a lot.. But can see that its settling down slowly.. Surprisingly there isn't any BGA to be spotted (touchwood they better dont appear).. Shrimps are growing well too..

Well, I know that I have yet to give further feedback on SMW.. I will when I have the chance as I need to pour in and take a video of how the shrimps 'dance' to the introduction of it.. Sorry for the long wait..

I named it 'Alzorro'

The little 'weird' shrimp has grown up a little.. And after posting some talks with fellow hobbyist decided to give it a temporary name until some other hobbyist who are more renown have decided on it.. Hahaha.. 'Alzorro' blue bolt...

And lastly for the night... My blue bolts babies, juveniles grazing...

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

Here wishing everyone a Happy New Year of 2013!!

May all our wishes come true!! Family and friends in good health!! And lastly, our shrimps grow and do well in the coming years...



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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