Black King Kong - photography taken by a friend

Here are the photos of Black King Kong shrimps taken by my friend..

Here are the KK hinomaru

As there are not much photos taken for my Wine Red (only 1 in fact.. Haha..) so I shall put them to share with the KK category.. Hehe..

Happy Shrimping...

Blue Bolts - photography taken by a friend

Today will be putting up photos of Blue Bolts taken by my friend...

The juveniles' blue doesn't intensity before 1.0-1.2cm.. As it age, the blue gets more intense (this depends on water parameter as well as how well it has gotten used to your tank..).. Also depending greatly on the genes of the parental shrimp..

Blue Bolt with head pattern..

One of my 'deep blue' Blue Bolt mama..

Hope everyone like these photos of my Blue Bolts..

Other photos will be posted shortly..

Happy Shrimping...

Pure Black Line - Photography taken by a friend

Before the Chinese New Year, a friend came by and helped to take photos of my shrimps for me.. Thank you so much Mr Joseph Tan..

Will be sharing each of the variants (types) slowly..

Here are the Pure Black Line shots..

This is a nice 'upskirt' shot.. Haha..

And lastly, a 'flying' one...

More to come later...

Chinese New Year Visiting

It has been a busy 2 weeks for me.. Firstly it was a week to clear off my work before the long holiday for Lunar Chinese New Year, after that its for the reunion of relatives, buddies and friends..

During this week, I went to visit a close friend, fellow hobbyist.. His set up (shrimp room in fact.. hahaha) blend in with his whole apartment.. Cosy place to be but ended up now watching TV but looking at his tanks.. Haha..

Here we are, taking a gathering shot..
Left: Weizhong (fellow hobbyist)
Centre: Matt (owner of the place)
Right: erm.. Me.. Haha..

Here is a sneak of his set up and his efforts of DIY all the pipings and set up

Really like his idea of custom making the rain bar and doing a great job..

Really happy to visit his place.. Thank you Matt..

They have grown bigger...

Sorry to everyone that I have not been updating my blog.. Been busy with clearing of work before Chinese New Year.. During Chinese New Year also occupied with family and relatives visiting as well..

These photo which I have taken are from my Blue Bolt partitions and they are growing up well.. Hope they mature soon to give me more nice offsprings.. Haha..

Those which are deep blue are shifted to the new cycled tank to do some selective breeding.. Hope to be able to produce some nice deep coloration for the future batches in another tank..

Happy Shrimping...

Happy Lunar Chinese New Year

Here wishing all a Happy Lunar Chinese New Year to everyone.. May all your wishes come true in the year of the 'snake' and let this year be prosperous and fruitful to you..


3rd week with commando test shrimps

It's into the 3rd week (going 4th) for these 4 tanks.. Lots of algae growth.. To me, it's a good sign.. Just need a little time for the tank to mature and stable a little more to reach equilibrium..

Last week (2nd week) has actually put in a small batch of commando test shrimps..

Tank 1 - Pure Red Line

Tank 2 - Pure Black Line

Tank 3 - Black King Kong

Tank 4 - Blue Bolts
(photo not taken)

I shall monitor for another week before putting in more shrimps..

For the bottom tanks.. Since its well cycled (and I am a little bored) I off the lights and took some photos of my Pure Red Lines.. (Pure Black Line shrimps are far away from the glass, switching off the lights can't focus on them.. Haha)

Happy shrimping to all..

Also here wishing everyone a Happy Lunar Chinese New Year.. 恭喜發財,萬事如意,心想事成,年年有餘 (some lucky and prosperous words to all in Chinese)

(also a happy birthday to myself... Haha..)

Small breeding colony for PBL

This video is of a tank of selected F1 which I started off with only 4 juveniles shrimps (Luckily that they grew up to be of 2 pairs of my main breeding batch).. They have given me quite a number of nice offsprings which follows very closely to their parents, any of the offsprings which doesn't meet my criteria have been cull away into other tank..

These shrimps in the video are in their new tank and they are in the ratio of 1:3 (male to female). Quite a number of berried females now.. Waiting for them to give birth now..

Now this is the tank which is housing my normal grades (or culls from the mid/high grades).. From this tank, further culling is done to maintain quality.. Last night did a little water change and added in some SMW, then off they go into a 'happy' dance frenzy again.. haha..

Lazy Saturday when the doorbell rang......

Back from lunch and was so sleepy due to the warm weather here in Singapore... When the doorbell rang out of the blue... It's the postman... Hmmmmm.....

'Tada'!!!! It's from Mr Nakamura from Japan...

Shrimp Club Vol.1

Shrimp Club Vol.2

Going to be studious and go read these magazines.... Hahahaha...

Have a good weekend everyone..
Happy shrimping..


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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