Bluish tint face on PBL

To all shrimp hobbyist, it has always been a normal habit to just sit in front of the tank (or tanks) to just look at their little inhabitants.. It's like a form of relaxation after a hard day's work or just a little escape from family commitments...

I have noticed that some of my matured PBL have little blue tints on their faces... These colorations only appears upon maturity at sizes above 1.5cm.. Previously I always thought it was my eyes or some light reflecting which causes these but friends who have came and saw these blue tints certified that my eyes is not the problem.. (Or maybe their eyes have problems too.. Haha.. Kidding guys...)



(Closest - best focus I can achieve with iPhone camera with no macro attachment)

(Walking away after 'posing')

(Doing a curl stretch or trying to 'wave' her tail to say bye bye.. LOL)

Warm weather!!

These few days has been having quite a heat wave in Singapore...

It has been a 'hot' weekend for me and my family...

Even my shrimp is checking out the readings on the thermometer... LOL

Water Change

Last night I did my weekly water change... Based on my approx 80L water volume tank, I changed 10L of water (fully filled pail of water in a 10L pail) each week.. Siphon out the water and switched on my RO/DI water to auto fill up the tanks.. (It will take some time to fill up all the tanks but at least it will switched off automatically after it reaches the level that I have set it..)

After siphon, I will just stick to a sequence of bacteria enhancing and re-mineralization of the water (since water is RO).. Checking the TDS to maintain within the 150-180ppm range..

First dosing is NB 'liquid bacteria', following by NB 'active water', NB 'powder bacteria' and lastly, KU菌 (a natural based beneficial bacteria release) which can let the shrimps feed as well..

After adding in 2 scoop of KU菌, this is what happen.. (Oh my god! It's foamy!! But don't worry, it's ok..)

These little 'cereal looking' pieces will slowly sink and cover the surface of the soil.. Shrimps will slowly eat it up as well, so it's ok..

After 2-5 minutes after dosing the KU菌, the water surface goes back to normal.. No more foam..

Here are the 4 items which I am using to share...

Happy shrimping to all and have a great weekend...

Little blue specks..

Really enjoy seeing these shrimps grazing around on the soil..

Little blue dots...

Focusing on the slightly bigger ones behind..

Feeding and 'wall grazing'... Haha

Small colony while feeding

Did some scrapping of front tank glass and feeding them..

Dropped in a couple of food and off they go feeding..

One of the fat fat PBL female posing..

Green Green wall

Apologize to all who have been following my blog and I have not been constantly updating.. Busy with work, family and basic routine upkeeping/maintenance of the tanks..

My tanks has been running for quite awhile now.. Everything is going quite smoothly.. Will find chance to give a detail updating of my water change routine and maintenance of filters when chances arise (meaning when I am doing it.. Haha..)

Right now the tanks' wall are growing with green algae.. Which is also what I am aiming for.. It's a sign to me that tanks are stable to a certain extend..

The inhabitants of these tanks has been ok and breeding has been going on.. Here are some photos to share..

Hope everyone has a great weekend..
Happy shrimping to all hobbyist..
More updates will follows as I am doing them..

Long awaited update~

CRS Flowerhead has been a long 'neglected' section which I have not updated..

Its only till now that I manage to get a decent good population up after doing some selective picking.. There has been too much in-breeding before from my initial Flowerhead colony and I have added in some PRL 'culls' to try improve their colors and also stability in their genes..

After all the shifting to their new tank/partition, here you go..

Updates... Updates...

It has been awhile since I updated in the status of the rack.. It has been plague with brown diatom, green algae and soon after BGA (most horrific and smelly algae).... But brown diatom has settled, green algae too.. BGA has been decimated with the help of 'blackout' as well as direct hydrogen peroxide injection on them (while shrimps inside..)

Now all is well and shrimps are breeding, offsprings are seen and growing well..

Will try to take the King Kong and Blue Bolt offsprings at a later date..

Happy shrimping to all..

Pure Red Line - photography taken by a friend

Last category of shrimps taken by my friend (Mr Joseph Tan)..

These are my PRL (Pure Red Line).. Still in the midst of breeding and improving..

This is my favorite mama.. Currently berried, awaiting for all her little babies...

'Why are you looking at me?' Haha..

After this, I think it's time I get for myself a good macro lens to take shrimp photo.. Hahaha..

Happy shrimping...


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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