Some updates of KK tank

Before I carry on my Japan trip, let me give some updates of my shrimps..

Tidy up my tank, clear up as much brown diatoms as I can in the KK tank..

Trying not to do too much in the tank or stir up the substrate.. Shrimps are all doing well.. So if nothing is wrong, don't mess around.. Haha...

Feeding time...

That's all for KK update..

Will carry on with Japan trip soon..

Japan trip - Osaka part 2

Second location which I have visited in Osaka..

Aqua Tailors (Osaka)

Not many photos were taken here. Asked the boss for approval before I took some.. Haha..

Aqua Tailors decor and layout is very classy.. Upon arrival you feel really at home with a cafe on the 2nd floor...

It's like they are selling a lifestyle and not just aquatic products...

Here are some of the photos...

Cafe area with some soothing marine tanks

Their planted section.. They have almost everything you need here..

Lastly, it's my favorite section... The shrimps section!! Haha..

That's all for Aqua Tailors... Keep yourself updated here..

(Would so love to show the food I had from Niigata to Osaka too.. Haha..)

Japan trip - Osaka part 1

Took a domestic flight to another part of Japan.. Osaka!

Here we are.. In the skies above Osaka...

Now is the 2nd place (aquatic related) which I have visited..

LowKeys Osaka (main branch)

Gotten permission to take photo of their shop.. It's really a shrimp paradise with lots of breeder's shrimps in individual tank with their name on it..

I practically stayed at LowKeys for 3 hours looking at shrimps and chatting with LowKeys boss.. Haha..

Thank you so much for your warm welcome...

Japan's trip - Niigata

Just back from my Japan trip.. It's really a fruitful trip for me (again)..

Gotten to know more friends from the Land of The Rising Sun...

First review will be a visit to a shop which specialized in ADA products.. The shop sells Japanese Koi, tropical fishes and lots (I really mean lots) of ADA products...

Look at all the ADA tanks..

ADA products gloria.......

Next location will be Osaka...

Bee Mix - Premium Garnelen Futter

I have receive this from Mr Jürgen for such a long time and have not tried it.. So sorry about it to Mr Jürgen and Mr Peter..

So today I will try this... It's Bee Mix..

It is pellet type.. Very tough pieces.. Not easy to break but it's good in a way that it won't crumbles easily..

Tried feeding them to my Pure Black Line.. (Sorry have to zoom towards them as they carry the food far away from the tank therefore it's a little blurry)

Next try feeding on the King Kong tank..

Seems like this food is 'to their liking'.. Haha..

More updates on Mr Peter's food will slowly updated here..

Dirty tank but happy shrimps

So sorry to all followers that I have not been cleaning the walls of the tank.. So it's a little unsightly..

Also the surface of the soil seems to have brown diatoms appearing again.. But shrimps are breeding, so no bother to me.. Hehe.. Put in some Red Nose Shrimps to help 'tidy' up the tank..

Background with more shrimplets, juveniles and adults 'resting'...

Hungry *nom nom nom*

So long since I have seen 'shrimp ball' after shifting them to their new tank..

Hope they will grow up nicely.. Happy to see them eating well..

Switched off the lights...



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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