Received a special 'award' from a good friend..

It has been a long distance relationship between 2 friends... Been in touch via emails and sharing issues, thoughts and problems.. But till date, we have met up for about 4 times (if I am not wrong).. Hours of chat and knowledge sharing.. (Sounds like lovers.. Hahaha.. We are not!)

Yesterday he was back in Singapore.. Had a good chat, dinner and he gave me the best gift upon coming over...

An Aquatic Magazine from Hungary..

He flipped through the pages and THERE I WAS (ugly photo of me).. On a section of the pages covering our conversation (they are in Hungarian words but he told me that it's our conversation.. Haha)

Shrimp photos, filters, food, etc... All taken by him...

Thank you so much Gabor for the write up and interview... We shall meet up on your next trip here to Singapore... (You have food which you have not tried.. hahaha...)

They have grown...

Been quite awhile since I updated these little fellas.. They have grown up well.. Hope to see more of these soon..

Guess they are close to spotted head tibee.. Too many variations of patterns from them.. But let's see how they grow as they are bigger..

Wondering what they are...

My updates on my blog has been having a bigger and bigger gap between each post...

Hope everyone understands as it has been a very busy period for me.. Both for business and personal...

It has been a trend to keep some fancy pattern shrimps.. Well, I can't resist the temptation and tried a pair of them sometime beginning of the year.. But there has been no results until earlier this week.. Let's hope that these little babies don't let me down...

There are still more of these little fellas around in the tank, 2 of them has stripes like the photo, a couple has 2-3 stripes across the back.. Now just have to wait and be patience about what 'they' grow up to be..

Guess patience is the key to this hobby..

Happy shrimping everyone and have a great weekend...
(Wishing all Mothers a Happy Mother's Day this Sunday too.. - including my mum, my wife, and my female mama shrimps!)

Swimming Frenzy from CRS Flowerhead (juvenile) tank

This is the video taken when there is a swimming frenzy in my CRS Flowerhead tank.. Inside are mainly juveniles and they seems to be swimming 'happily'...

Happy Shrimping to all.. Have a great weekend..

Japan trip - Osaka part 3

The next place of visit is a breeder's place..

It is a shrimp room (or basement should I say it) which will keep a deep impression because I am truly amazed...

She is focusing on mainly Fancy Tibee and Tiger shrimp (Golden Eye Blue/Black Tigers)...

Shrimp room height is no more then 2metre.. Don't see that its a little messy but its a shrimp paradise...

Fantastic place which is situated in the basement.. Although had a hard time to communicate, but we managed to have a good exchange of ideas and how to improvise on breeding as well as improving..

Thank you so much to the breeder and her dad... They showed a warm welcome when we came.. (Nice hot canned coffee to drink and a nice spot to smoke.. Haha)

Long forgotten update

There has been many shifting and selective breeding going on from my CRS flowerhead tank..

Initially I placed them in only one tank but right now they are given 3 tanks to shift around.. From breeding tank, juvenile tank and mix tank...

Here are the photo from the juvenile tank.. They are growing well... Percentage of mosura and flowerhead offspring is getting higher..



Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

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