Unexpected surprise....

Today was the same routine.. Went to my shrimp room.. Feeding and monitoring my shrimps.. (Ok.. I am just staring at them.. Hahaha)

Did some selecting of 'bad' shrimps from PRL and PBL... Then I went to see my fancy tigers/tibee...

Here are some photos..

Then I spotted this little fella.... Took a photo and I went to ask my friend from Taiwan what is this... And it is a PINTO... I am overjoyed.. Now just hope he grows up nicely...

Happy shrimping to all and have a good weekend...

Part 2~~

Hello fellow readers, I would like to thank Tobi again.. He really spent time to translate all my interview answers to German in a very short time.. I guess its all about dedication to what people are doing..
Be it working, hobby, family, everything is just about dedication..

I have been thinking of whether to just add on this Part 2 of his interview into the previous blog post or just start this entry, but decided to just start another blog post... (at least i am getting another blog entry!! hahaha)

Inter-Shrimp-View Part 2

Thank you all for taking time to read through my blog and also the interview...

Happy Shrimping and have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Thank you Mr Sekulic Tobias

Firstly, I would really like to say 'Thanks' to Mr Sekulic Tobias aka Tobi for your kind attention on me.

When we started chatting initially, it was really nice to have a good chat about shrimp keeping hobby, sharing our experiences and when you suddenly asked me if I would like to be interviewed by you quite some time later. I felt really honored.

Thank you so much for taking the effort to write out such a long and detailed interview questionnaire, and also I would like to apologize for taking some time to complete it as I have been held up with work, work and lastly work..

Tobi has managed to translate all my English answers to his questionnaires into German.. Kudos to you!!!

Here is the interview website for all to take a look (They are in German, so hope you guys don't mind)..


Happy Shrimping to all~~ Will be posting some of my shrimps *again* soon..

(At the moment, this is Part 1 of the interview, there will be a second part coming which I will add on to this blog post right below.. or should i start another post? keke..)

Spider-Shrimp~ Spider-Shrimp~ (The Adventurous One)

Hello everyone~

It has been a long weekend and its already Sunday.. Its going to be a start of the week again...

Here is a video of my PRL trying to be Spider-Shrimp.. What he actually did was that he swam to the surface of the water where I have this hatchery net which I placed there for very long (you can tell from the looks of it.. HAHAHA), he climbed up the net and hurdle himself over the net.. Went one round inside and came out.. I only managed to get my phone video ready to capture it on its way out...

So enjoy guys... Hope you guys had a happy weekend and Happy Shrimping always...

Another hazy day (exceeding 300PSI)

The air has been getting really bad... Last night alone the PSI has hit more then 300...

(Taken this morning)

But let's not gloom over this.. Cannot avoid and just wait for it to tide over...

Enjoy a few photos which I have taken couple of days back and last night..,

(Nice little piece but banded pattern..)

(Food.. Nom nom nom.. Lol)

(Red Nose Shrimp joining the 'fun')

(Lastly a Big fat mama out on stroll)

Happy shrimping everyone.. Drink more water..

Hazy day..

Singapore has been clouded by a thick haze in the last few days... PSI highest exceeding 150 today (if I never see wrongly)..

Eyes has been feeling irritated and getting some headaches.. So I think the best option is to be in my shrimp room and look at my shrimps while doing some culling in the process.. (Excuses to be in an air-conditioned room.. Haha)

(So sorry for the belated photos.. Lol)

To cull or not to cull? :p

(Blue faced PBL mama)

(Nice juvenile but black is not strong)

Happy shrimping on a hazy day..

Growing well and more appearing..

When I started shrimp keeping, there has been a taboo to crossbreed shrimps of different species.. Meaning crossing Crystal Red/Black Shrimps with Tiger Shrimps..

But last year starting, there was a hype on growing shrimps which are hybrid of these 2 species.. Due to the unpredictable outcome of offsprings and also their different in patterns, it has cause a hype now.. And I believe that due to all these new patterns in shrimps which is coming up, shrimp hobby will carry on for a long time (I hope)..

I shall cut short of all these talk (sorry, getting long winded.. Haha).. Here are some of those previously shown 'baby' Tibee.. They have grown up more now..

First up, one of the mama..

Now, the juveniles...

Looks a little like 'spotted head' Tibee..

A red one with red stripes..

Lastly, white body but red head.. Little spots on the head..

I believe all these which have been bred out in my tank are not of best quality.. Shall wait and see if I can improve them better slowly in time to come..

Happy shrimping...

Seed Shrimps (Ostracod) Infestation

I am sure many aquatic hobbyist has seen these before... Many questions on what they are, how they appear.. And I really don't know.. Haha..

Right now a couple of my tanks are 'infested' with them! But if they are not causing any problems (solving leftover food issues as well!!) I will leave them as they are..

(Beware of shocking images!! Hahaha)

Close up of how they cluster.. It's scary..


Pure Black has been breeding very well.. Really happy that they are all healthy and breeding..

Their offspring rate has been quite good.. More selective breeding to be done..

This female has just given birth.. Shall wait to see if she has some nice babies..

Long time no post Red Bee

Never had time to really post my Pure Red..

Been busy.. So here are some..

One of my favorite females in this tank.. Still need to improve on her offspring for legs..

How they have grown..

Took some time last night to tidy up the tanks and realized that its time to clean up the 'messy' shrimp area (the whole room *darn*)

Then spent some time sitting and staring at these 'previously' newborns.. How they have grown...

Colorations are not very solid.. Still need some time to wait till they are bigger before they are matured before crossing them again for color improvement...

Another 'long' wait..

Aquarama 2013 ~ Aquarist Chamber

It has been a very busy last week.. I was involved in one of Singapore's biggest aquatic trade exhibition which happens every 2 years (or the ONLY aquatic trade exhibition, haha), Aquarama 2013 at Marina Bay Sands Expo..

Aquarist Chamber's booth at Aquarama 2013..

A brief look at the booth set up after we set up the tables and 4 small tanks preparing to put shrimps in them..

There is a small basket with products to show trade visitors about what all these are..

Tanks are all cycled for 7 days using RAC Active Soil with RAC products, undergravel filtration is used since exhibition hall is air-conditioned and 10 test shrimps is added on the 4th day, there has been no casualties during this period and 3 days later (7th day) when we shifted the tanks to the exhibition hall and placed in 100+ shrimps..

Shrimps was contributed by Big2Shrimp (Taiwan) as well as from me..

And throughout this exhibition, there is a visit from a good friend.. A friend from Germany who made an effort to visit me everyday during Aquarama until the day he leave Singapore... Mr Mura Kilic..
I hope to be able to meet up with you soon again (maybe in Germany? Or Hong Kong? Hehe)

Thank you to everyone who has shown support by dropping by Aquarama 2013 to Aquarist Chamber's booth..

Stay tune for more blog post in time to come..


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Email: alvin@aquarist-chamber.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinchansl/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/aquaristchamber/

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