Red Bee - PRL

Breeding PRL has always been a very fun yet eye straining hobby.. Haha..

Always looking out for the bad coloration or having any undesirable traits on the shrimps and netting them out.. But it has given me a good sense of satisfaction to achieve where I have reached..

I would say great thanks to the many shrimp friends who have excel in this hobby that has guided me along this hobby.. Even till now, they have given me new 'lessons' as the hobby progress..

These photos are not of the best photos as they are taken with iPhone (as usual due to laziness.. Haha) it's not doing the shrimps any justification but well.. It's ok.. Haha..

Last but not least, this photo is my normal CRS.. Nice growing colony..

Happy shrimping everyone...

A new venture

Dear all fellow readers,

It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog.. Reason being that I have ventured into another level for shrimp keeping..

It was sometime since I have been helping some local hobbyist to get quality shrimp keeping stuff from overseas.. And I got to know of a friend, a fellow hobbyist, my partner who share the same passion as me.. We decided to find some quality products to share to the community.. During our trip to Japan, we managed to clinch a deal with a brand whose products gives me great confidence and upon using them, it really amazed me...

Thus we started a company, Aquarist Chamber..

Through these past 3 months, I have been busy doing all the budgeting, marketing and also liaising with different people from everywhere.. (It is not easy to start a business, but I will do my best..)

We managed to get a booth at Singapore Aquarama 2013 and did some awareness of the brand we will be carrying.. As well as show hobbyist who attended, how this soil and their products can help their set up.. Most importantly is to make sure hobbyist have a better edge in keeping these delicate animals instead of failing and giving up..

I hope that I will carry on to have more time to blog my shrimps and also share to more people all other the world.. Keeping a good balance between hobby and business.. (It is not an easy feat to keep hobby and business separated when the business itself is a hobby..) So to everyone, please do bear with me when I never blog for sometime, please do carry on to support 'Shrimp Addicts Hideout' as its a place where I can be a hobbyist instead of a business..

I shall sign off now, another busy day tomorrow..
Do take a little time to visit Aquarist Chamber's website ( and take a look.. Also do 'like' my Facebook page (
I will share how I set up a shrimp tank using RAC products and to be able to put in shrimps within 3 days (disclaimer, not every set up is the same but it can be done) and longest at 7th day..

Signing off now.. Have a good weekend everyone... Thank you for taking your little time to read these..

Happy shrimping to all...

New breeding colony

Rainy Monday...
Decided to take some time to post..

It has been awhile since my tibee x tibee cross has given me one little zebra pinto baby.. I have decided to try breeding pinto.. It's not going to be easy without an initial batch to start, will take a longer time to selective breed..

After meeting with Mura (Germany) during Aquarama, I have learnt a lot about pinto's patterns.. So decided to try 'Skunk' pinto.. It's a pinto but with a streak of white/bluish line across the top of its head..
Therefore I have gotten myself 2 pairs of pintos from a friend who don't have many pieces of these but willing to pass me his favorites.. Thank you (Big2Shrimp)..

Here are some of the photos to share with fellow hobbyist..

Happy shrimping everyone.. Another long busy week for me..

Same old tanks

All viewers of my blog... I sincerely apologize that it has been a long time since I have updated..

I have been tied up with work, work and more work...

Today, found some time to scrap the front panels of my tanks.. Did some feeding (as always)..

There have been some new inhabitants to a tank.. I will share the new inhabitants as soon as I have taken some better photos of them.. (Just a hint: pintos.. Hehe)

Today.. Just to give 2 photos of my current tanks outlook...

Happy shrimping..

I will update as much as I can.. Hope everyone bear with me for awhile...

Small update on that 'little surprise'

Every single day since I saw the 'zebra' pinto offspring, the routine upon stepping into my shrimp room will be to find this little fella...

There was a couple of days when I totally cannot find him.. (Visually only of cause..) Decided to leave it to fate.. Then today, while I was scrapping algae off the front glass, I saw him scavenging and he has grown a little... Lets hope he grows up nicely.. :)

Here are some of my other Fancy Tiger/Tibee... Not of the best colors, but shall see if I can improve them in time to come... There has been some F1 of their 2nd batch with some good colorations and different patterns.. But it's too early to say, only way to wait till bigger in size..

That's all for now.. Have a great weekend guys..

Happy shrimping!!!

Echinodorus sp Iguazu from Argentina

Long time never update my Echinodorus plants..

This species Echinodorus sp Iguazu from Argentina when I gotten end of last year, it wasn't in its best condition.. Leaves slight drooping..

Now after some good lightings.. No CO2, no fertilizer... It has grown very nicely with upright leaves and even have new leaves growing...

See the difference?

I have a couple more Echinodorus sp Satan variants which I will post slowly.. Apologize if I will be taking a little while to show fellow hobbyist..

Happy shrimping (and planting)...


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
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