What a surprise!!!

Hello everyone again...

Been keeping Tibee/Fancy Tiger for a little while.. They have been breeding lots of nice (or weird) variations and patterns babies out.. There are still offsprings which looks like bee shrimps (CRS/CBS) so quite a bit of selection to do.. But it's a fun to keep the hobby alive.. Isn't it? Hehe...

Tonight to share some of the different variations of shrimps which I have in my Tibee colony.. A small little group of them.. And lastly will show a little surprise from this colony..

Here are some of the mamas...

One of the males...

Now for the babies....

And this is the surprise... (If I am not mistaken, should be a red zebra pinto..)

Alright everyone... Time to catch some zzz..

Happy shrimping...

A decent shot (at last)

Taking a break from the recent hectic work and family commitment.. It has been a long week for me..
Rushing work which I have been neglecting due to my newborn.. And also busy with Aquarist Chamber's projects.. (To all fellow readers, please help by giving a 'like' to Aquarist Chamber's Facebook Page at: www.Facebook.com/aquaristchamber/ )

Spent sometime 'camping' in front my my tanks to take photos of my Pure Black Line.. It has been so long since I have been able to take a decent photo of them.. This time... With a tripod and equipped with the Canon 30D and macro lens... Here I go.. Enjoy and hope you guys don't mind the shabby shots..

Tasting on Lowkeys B18 Power Protein.

Mama taking some shade..

More improvement to go.. Another long way...

That's all for now folks.. Happy shrimping and hope everyone had a fantastic weekend..
Will share more photos this coming week..

A little improvement, a long way to go

The recent workload and family commitment is getting quite heavy.. But sitting in the shrimp room after a day of work and stress is very soothing, it is like 'a reboot of the computer' or should I say 'clear all cache' kind of feeling.. Haha..

Sitting in front of the tank looking at shrimps grazing, crawling and swimming around has such a therapeutic effect.. I am sure this kind of feeling is felt by many hobbyist..

Picked up my camera and started to 'camp' in front of the tank to take some photos of my shrimps.. Still no tripod or external flash.. Just keep trying to stable my hands.. Hope everyone don't mind the 'shaky' photos.. Haha..

Sharing some fat mama shrimps for now..

Same mama as above but shading herself from the 'sun' (lights.. Haha)

Now for some young adults..

Here is one of my favorite...

(Paparazzi spotted, he is going into hiding..)

Happy shrimping everyone..

Lots and Lots more time needed..

I am back again...

Taking some free time to update on Tibee or Fancy Tiger this time...

Been leaving them to breed and mix...

Here are some of them to show..

One of the babies

Finally, the pintos..

Pinto 'Zebra'

Pinto 'Mosura'

Happy shrimping everyone and have a great weekend...

Improving and progress

Hello everyone...

It has been a very very busy week since the birth of Reyné.. Helping out my wife and also handling some of the business at home...

Last weekend, a good fellow friend/hobbyist met me up and we had a trade.. He has an old Canon DSLR which he is not using and wants to trade for a couple of my shrimps and he even bundled in a flash with a lens... Guess what, it's a 100mm macro!!!!

Hope he really likes those shrimps and they will do him great honor when they breed.. I have started using the camera and I started by snapping my Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) Flowerheads.. It has been long long time since I took photo of them.. Other shrimps will follow slowly when I have time.. Please continue to support Shrimp Addict Hideout..

Here to share and hope everyone enjoy.. No flash or tripod was used so please forgive me if the photos are not perfect..

And here is one of my Flowerhead offspring.. Still in the progress of breeding more of them.. :)

Happy shrimping everyone...


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
Email: alvin@aquarist-chamber.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinchansl/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/aquaristchamber/

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