Reason why I am busy

Hello all fellow hobbyist and readers of my blog...

I have been nagging and complaining about my work and why I have been so tired to post.. But there is a reason.. And here is the reason.. I can show little sneak previews to you guys.. Haha..

Everything is still in the midst of renovation and set up... So please bear with the 'mess'..

After a little touch up of patching and flooring...

And last photo of the day... This area is dedicated for shrimps.. Hope everyone likes it... There are more to go.. Alignments, set ups, lightings, etc...

Hope all fellow followers of my blog will continue to support me.. If there is a chance any overseas friends or hobbyists are in Singapore, please do drop by Aquarist Chamber and visit me...

For up-to-date updates of Aquarist Chamber, please 'LIKE' on our Facebook Page at:

Happy shrimping to all and I will try to update how I set up my tanks in the shop..

Happy weekend!!!

Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday today in Singapore...

Whole week has been fully tied up with work on a coming 'surprise' for all hobbyist...

I will update to all readers in the coming week.. Hope this will be a good 'surprise' to all..

Before I end this post... Here is a photo of my blue bolt to share...

Happy shrimping...

Great apologies to everyone

Greetings to all the readers/followers of my blog..

So sorry that I have been away from my blog for quite awhile.. I have been busy and getting ready for a surprise to my readers in the coming month or so.. I hope it will be a surprise to everyone..

I am not going to start nagging about my work and how busy I am.. (Oops, I mentioned again..)

But shrimp keeping is still a hobby and passion to me.. Hope this hobby can last well and long in me.. Haha.. It has really been quite awhile since I posted..

So to cut short, here are some of the photos of my Crystal Red - Pure Red Lines..

There are some nice shrimps with good 'sexy looking' legs.. But their body need to improve.. More time.. More time..

Here are other photos that shrimp on plant...

Lastly, a juvenile which I feel has good potential.. Hope he/she will grow up to be a pretty one.. Hehe..

Well, that's all folks..
Keep staying on the blog when you are free..

Happy shrimping..


Welcome to the world of 'poisonous' shrimp keeping where you will deeply fascinated..

Name: Alvin (Singapore)
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