25th day of cycling

The 2 partitions have been cycled in their 25th day.. And I feel it's ready to put in shrimps..

I have lots if green algae growing and it's time to put in my cleaning crew.. I believe only in Red Nose Shrimp now as they are more 'gentle' and less aggressive comparing with Yamato Shrimp..

[Please do not try these if you have no confident.. Just do a full 4 - 6 weeks cycle to be safe.. Don't follow blindly, just do your regular parameter checks before putting in shrimps.. Ammonia, Nitrite must be zero, Nitrate should be below 25ppm.. As for the other parameter, like PH~5.0-6.5, GH~3-6, TDS100-230 (depending on hobbyist)]


As the shrimps I put in are quite small, and it's quite hard to take a clear photo of them without my DSLR on hand.. Here is the full tank shot.. You can see those tiny red/white or black/white dots, those are the shrimps..

Made a decision not to put in culls but the actual colony which I am planning to place inside for selective breeding.. (To safe the hassle of netting them out again.. Hahaha..)

All the best to them and they are enjoying the big tank to themselves at the moment... No feeding will be done for about a week as they have ample biofilms in the tank to feed on.. Will update on their progress...

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