Brown diatom infestation

Now for an update of the 2 cycling tanks of the new rack..

They are in their 35th day since starting of cycle... All the shrimps which I have selected for selective breeding are doing fine.. No casualties to date..

But right now I am having brown diatom infestation.. These should be due to the fact that I was hastening the cycle with loads of bacteria but the only logic to me is 'if the shrimps are ok, then just leave it'.. Just be a little hardworking at the end of the day to remove any of those ugly 'slime' if they are on plants.. If not, I would just let them grow... Hahaha..

This might be unsightly to most people, but different objectives for different people..

The PBL tank/partition:

The PRL tank/partition:

These diatoms are 'fantastic' stuff.. They are quite fascinating to be looked at at times.. (Although they still look ugly.. Haha)

I have put in 2 pieces of Red Nose Shrimps (the only algae cleaning crew I would use) to clear up those diatoms.. Guess I need a couple more soon..

And this is one of the 'most wonderful sight' of these diatoms..

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