Artificial Hatching

This happened quite some time back but I feel that this can be a good info to share with everyone..

There was once when I saw an old berried female mama shrimp which 'passed on'..
She stayed in the same position since the night before but she was still struggling so I never disturb her but could tell that she might not survive..
She been with me for about a year (at the point of artificial hatching) so all I could do is to save her offspring..

This is what I did... Let's hope these little 'eyed' fellas could make it... Removed them from the mama with a small spoon.. And in they go...

All I did was to to let the eggs move in a circular motion inside the hatchery nets and not let it stop (if possible).. At least I tried to save as much as their offspring as possible.. After about a week, I have quite a high survival of those eggs.. Almost all the eggs hatched..

Please remember that if the eggs are nearing their hatch day, using this method has higher success rate.. If the female just berried and you need to resort to this, then just make sure the eggs don't get moldy and keep the eggs spinning in the hatchery net.. Last but not least, pray for their best..

(Note: don't touch the eggs with your hands during extraction.. I use a tweezer to hold the shrimp and a small plastic spoon to slowly extract the eggs in a small cup before pouring into the hatchery net..)

In the midst when the shrimps are ok, I will use back the hatchery net as a barley straw pellets holder.. The shrimps will just pick the barley straw pieces or just swim inside to nibble.. Haha.. They are quite cute when they are doing that..

(These photos were taken quite some time back..)

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