Oxydator at work

I have always been amazed at why aquatic hobbyist has these little things in their tanks.. Have managed to get a couple sets of these wonderful products.. Here to share with all hobbyist..

Opened up the box and here you go.. The items inside..

All you need to do is pour the solution into it and its ready to 'bubble'..

Oxydator D

Here goes the explanation:

1. Pure oxygen created by the Oxydator is mostly immediately dissolved in water, so that there are hardly any bubbles produced. The oxygen supply is absolutely noiseless, expelling of CO2 and swirling of ground sediments is avoided.

2. Activated oxygen - oxygen atoms weakly bound to H2O - diffuses much quicker then usual dissolved oxygen. Therefore it reaches corners and niches of your aquarium and penetrates into the gravel providing ideal biological filter.

3. Activated oxygen oxidator even without bacteria harmful intermediate products like nitrite or hydrocarbonates to mostly harmless endproducts like nitrate, water and carbon dioxide (CO2)

4. Activated oxygen increases the redox potential (oxidation power) of water and therefore it is highly effective against algae.

5. The Oxydator is the first safe and self contained unit to offer a constant year round oxygen supply without connections or cables.

Söchting Oxydator - dimension, contents

Mini Oxydator:
Diameter 4cm, Height 6cm
Contains Mini Oxydator, 2 small catalysts, 2x 75ml bottles of 4.9% Oxydator Solution and instruction sheet included
For tank sizes up to 30L

Operational time - 2~4 weeks dependent in the tank's water temperature. Refill level can be done and controlled at any time.

Oxydator D:
Diameter 8.5cm, Height 8.5cm
Contains Oxydator D, 1 catalyst and instruction sheet included
(Oxydator solution not included)
For tank size up to 100L

Operational time - 2~4 weeks dependent in the tank's water temperature. Refill level can be done and controlled at any time.

Attention: Oxydator solution is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide in 3% can be purchased at most pharmacy. 3% H2O2 will be able to activate Mini Oxydator and Oxydator D.

Continuation of Product Description:
Söchting Oxydator decomposes hydrogen peroxide into oxygen (O2) and water (H2O).
Advantages: Aquarium's water quality will be fundamentally improved and problems such as those aforementioned will be greatly hindered.

The Söchting Oxydator breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen:
2 H2O2 ------------------> 2 H2O + O2

For all interested parties, feel free to contact me via email for the product and I have 2 sizes available.

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Hello Alvin,
Hydrogene peroxyde is not all the time same ....
We had a long discussion about this thing an believe me the Hydrogen at the Pharmacy is NOT same like the one in the Söchtig Oxydators....

Greets from Germany

Re: Hydrogene

Yes I do agree that those sold are different.. But locally we have use those 3% H2O2 on Blue Green Algae growing in our tanks.. Shrimps have been quite safe..

I tried using on the Oxydator as well, it is working well just that it's 3% only.. Haha..

But thanks bro.. Appreciated for your feedback..
Cheers and Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year!! :)

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